Throughout life, we’re taught to extend love outwards—to be kind to others, to share, to shower others with compassion, empathy, and generosity. Yet, when it comes to directing all those gifts to yourself, it often feels less natural. 

Yet, here’s the thing…by practicing self-care, and learning to extend love toward yourself, you begin to cultivate feelings of self-worth, strength, and resiliency, leaving behind self-abuse and harmful coping mechanisms used to mask negative feelings you’ve had about yourself.

Loving yourself does not mean you are selfish or self-centered. On the contrary, loving yourself deepens your ability to care for others and broadens your capacity to love. Also, pointing your compassion inwards fosters increased empathy for those around you. Simply put, you can’t care for others well if you don’t care for yourself first.

How are you going to love yourself today? 

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