I listened to an incredible video by Bob Proctor the other day and he said: “You may not be responsible for who you are, but you are responsible to change it!”

For me, this statement hit me hard and made me realize how powerful our choices are. Yet, how many times do we not always give it the appreciation it deserves.

In fact, sometimes, we actually have a chronic habit of making bad choices—choices that keep us separate from our greatness, our purpose, and our happiness. Choices that render us unable to make real, lasting changes in our lives.

You see, It’s easy to get caught up in this trap, and it’s even easier to create excuses to justify why we can’t seem to change. Although on a rational level, we may think we really want to change, we really want that relationship, that job, and that book deal—the reality is that change can be scary for most of us. Then add fear in the mix, our default choice is often to play it safe and not change. We decide not to take chances so that we don’t get hurt, disappointed or rejected.

Yet, in order to create any significant change in our lives—be it related to our health, our prosperity or our overall happiness—it’s necessary to take a good hard look at the choices we are making.

Here’s the thing…if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Remember, it starts with a choice; what choice are you going to make today?

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