Today is my 15th Wedding Anniversary!! Such an incredible milestone moment! 

You see, life is speckled with these amazing, champagne-bottle-popping life events that happen at one point or another. Beautiful milestone moments that often come hand-in-hand with a lot of hard work, incredible memories and are definitely worthy of celebration beyond a doubt.

Yet, I also believe when we celebrate a milestone, we are reminded to give thanks for the rest of our everyday moments, too. When we pause to celebrate something that is noteworthy, the act of pausing invites us to notice everything else.

So, take the time to appreciate milestone moments for all they mean by celebrating a little longer, appreciating what got you there and remembering life is about celebrating every day! You’ll be a better person when you do and life will always feel a lot more fun! 

And to my amazing husband, Mike Allen…thank you for being the calm to my storm, my best friend and the only person I can’t wait to spend 15 more years with. Love you to the moon and back. Happy Anniversary! 

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