Do you break the rules?

I’m not referring to the rules that are useful (and life-saving!) when they protect our safety. Traffic lights, for instance, are important to obey. I’m talking about life rules we ponder, question, and really need to break.

These are the rules that aren’t so obvious. Sometimes these rules are assumptions about the way life has to be. Expectations. Status quo.

Yet, what happens if you take a chance on yourself, your dream, or your highest purpose, and write your own rules?

You know what….Life happens!!! 

In fact, almost all breakthrough ideas are the result of someone questioning the rules, bending or breaking them and creating something completely new. 

The way I see it…why would I want to let other people’s version of success and definition of happiness, affect the decisions I make for my life. Isn’t it more important to stand up for myself and be the champion of my own path no matter how wacky it may seem to others?

So, I suggest shedding what’s not serving you. Make a list. What are the actions you do and the rules that you follow that aren’t serving you? 

Be the rule breaker and have fun today breaking a few rules! 

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