Between the pandemic, the staggeringly high levels of unemployment, and an ever-changing world, 2021 has given us plenty of reasons to feel anxious, stressed, and depressed—which is exactly why self-care has never been more important for women.


The benefits of focusing on self-awareness—of tuning into your body and taking the time to nourish it properly—are profound. In fact, making self-care part of your routine is not only vital for your mental health, but research suggests that the more we practice self-care, the more confident, creative, and productive we are. Not to mention that we also experience more joy, make better decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively.


So, congratulations on putting yourself first! Today is the first day of the rest of your self-care journey!


To begin your self-care journey please select the lovely
TEN Put U First community member who recommended
you to join our challenge.

For the next several days she will be your buddy, supporter and mentor! 

Research says the best way to bring positive change into your life is by creating new habits. The Put U First Challenge is the perfect change that can help you do just that! 

Woman alone have power; collectively we have impact.

The Put U First Challenge – May 2nd, 2021

Women accomplish amazing things when we support each other!


The Put U First Challenge – May 2nd, 2021