Buckle Up! Are you ready??

It's time to get serious about your self-care!

It’s time to Fall in LOVE!

It’s time to fall in LOVE with becoming the BEST VERSION of YOU!

The April Put U First Challenge is your chance to fall in love with YOU! 

We are already excited to meet you, connect and share our community with you. Even if you think you are too busy, too scared…or don’t “get”
self care…you are not alone…

This will be the best love story EVER told!

The Put U First Challenge – May 2nd, 2021 (starting at 11am EST/4pm UK)

Maybe you’ve tried self-care….

And maybe you have read every self-help book Amazon can deliver but you still get stuck…

And maybe you just don’t know how to do it because doing it alone is hard…

And you know what…We felt the same way you do!  

* We didn’t know who to ask for we do!
* We didn’t feel we could grow in just a few days…but we did!
* And we didn’t have to take a week off to do the challenge!

I put me first…to Put U First! 


What makes the Put U First Challenge so different from other self-care programs?

  • We took the challenge…we built it for women like us – like YOU!
  • A flexible program has been designed, keeping in mind how busy women’s lives are.
  • An easy to navigate workbook is provided.
  • Put U First leaders help guide, inspire and motivate each participant throughout the entire week.
  • All webinars are recorded and shared daily to provide each woman to access at her convenience throughout the week. 
  • The challenge has been designed for you to experience on YOUR time and at YOUR own pace.

You’re never alone! 

You were invited to this challenge for a reason. The woman who invited you knows you deserve a few days to yourself…to focus on what YOU need, to learn more about yourself…to just say YES – to YOU.

She is your friend, but most of all your challenge buddy.

Best part….all the Put U First leaders are also here for YOU…anytime you need them.

Imagine that…in just a few short days you will have all the amazing resources and tools you need to nurture yourself, learn more about yourself with incredible group of supportive women who want only the best for you!


My favourite part were the webinars! We all met up virtually and worked through the units together..learning about ourselves and supporting each other.

I enjoyed all of it – the webinars, the senses challenge. I also loved having the Facebook group and checking in and all the support 

I feel empowered, confident & understand the need to put myself first. I have improved flexibility and a burst of energy. I love it! 

Imagine a healthier, more energized and soulful you...imagine having tools to lower your stress and also increase your belief in your abilities to soar! Imagine feeling your absolute best!!!

Don’t you really want freedom from stress…

What would feeling healthier, feel like to you?

Would feeling healthier help you finally finish projects?

Maybe set dreams and goals you’ve always wanted to accomplish…or  just FEEL better?

Would learning how to put yourself first help you give more quality time to the ones you love? Would you be able to give more of you…without taking anything from yourself?


Just imagine!

The Put U First Challenge – May 2nd, 2021 (starting at 11am EST/4pm UK)

Being part of Put U First has given me the support to really believe in myself. I always knew I was destined for bigger things, but because my confidence had taken a few knocks along the way, i never really felt self assured. Being able to share that with like minded women has given me the boost I needed to grow beyond my wildest dreams and I now get to share that experience with others. Its amazing. Thank you.  ~ Laurie

The Growth I have experienced since joining Put U First is amazing and tangible. The members of the Group bring so much and being around such Energy has made me more focused, more driven and I feel so much joy. I am more productive and in turn feel I now have so much more to offer others. I can not fully express just how grateful I am to be part of this community xxx

~ Karen

Are you ready to learn what the Challenge is?


The Put U First Challenge Benefits:

The Put U First challenge is a community waiting for women like you! 

Women who are READY to finally invest in themselves! Women who are done hiding in the bathroom for any alone time…

Get ready to:

  • Develop real sustainable self-care skills and practices that actually make a difference in your life. 
  • Avoid burnout and self-doubt so that you don’t keep getting stuck in a cycle of defeat.
  • Boost your energy by nourishing your body, mind and soul, so you can sustain your new commitment to YOU!
  • Simplify your self-care routine – it will become a habit to take care of yourself! A GOOD Habit!!
  • Connect with a community of self-care experts who will have your back with self-care tools to help you soar.

What’s inside the Self-Care Challenge?

Put U First Workbook

Put U First Workbook

Downloadable Link

A 70 page workbook file that can be downloaded to follow along on your computer or printed to fill in the workspaces provided.

Each workbook has the following:

  • Full weekly schedule
  • New Morning Routine Suggestions (healthy practices and meditation)
  • Daily Gratitude Questions
  • Webinar Schedule and challenges associated
  • Daily challenges, exercises and activities 
  • Senses Awareness Challenge (Presence challenge)
  • Mindfulness Challenges 


Daily Email

Daily Email

During the 7-Day Challenge

Each email will contain a motivational video from Heidi Allen that corresponds with the tasks, and challenges, mentioned in your workbook.

It will also share any links needed for webinar calls and announcements of what will be posted and shared in the private challenge Facebook group.


Put U First Challenge Facebook Group

Put U First Challenge Facebook Group

Private Group only for Challengers

Every challenger is invited into the private Put U First Challenge Facebook Group. 

Inside the group the Put U First leaders post, guide and support daily during the challenge. Also, all challengers are encouraged to introduce themselves and participate as much or as little as they want. 

There are also units clearly labeled where all content (daily video motivation, challenge posts and all recorded webinars) are saved daily for easy access during the challenge.

We are all in this together!


Put U First Challenge Webinars

Put U First Challenge Webinars

Live Webinars are all recorded

Throughout the week we have special self-development webinars scheduled (dates and times are listed in your workbook and will be posted in the Facebook Group each day).

Great news – these are all recorded – so, if you work or can’t make it during the live webinar you will always have access to it. You will find the webinars in the private Facebook Group.

Put U First Challenge Buddies

Put U First Challenge Buddies

Accountability Partners

Each of you joined the challenge through one of our Put U First leaders. This woman is your accountability partner for the challenge. 
You can text, email, private message, phone call or zoom. It is up to you. This true buddy system is your support system to make your experience a fulfilling one.


Exercises and Activities

Exercises and Activities

Sustainable Self-Care

This self-care program isn’t FLUFF! Our leaders are experts in their own realms and together we have created challenges, exercises and activities to open your mind, get in touch with your true self and shift your perspective on self-care.

This is a deep dive into moments, experiences and memories to help you not only implement your self-care practices but to shift your self-care paradigm to create sustainable Self-Care and truly Put U First!


This $3000 valued Challenge is our GIFT to YOU!


It is our gift and investment in YOU because you have made the conscious decision to put yourself first and invest in YOU!

What Is your Investment? 

  • With any form of Self-Care it must always start with your health first.
  • Yet, how do you know what health regime will help?
  • We understand this challenge! So, to make things easy and take all the guess work out of choosing the right health regime, the Put U First community has aligned ourselves with an incredible health and wellness company, (Isagenix/Zija) which has the same values and mission as our community. To help women put themselves first with health and wellness nutrition.
  • We believe that if you are going to create sustainable self-care, then you need to make an investment in your own health.
  • With one simple decision and investment in your own health to feel healthy, we then in turn invest in you with the Challenge worth $3000.
  • We believe if you are willing to invest in yourself…then we are ready to take the journey to invest in YOU! 
  • Choose your health package after you sign up and let’s take this journey together! 

I Challenge YOU to get healthy and PUT U FIRST!




How much time is required?
While the challenge takes place over  7 consecutive days – you can take the challenge at YOUR own pace. Everything you need is in your workbook, emails and Facebook Group, which you have access to for one month.

What kind of support can I expect? 
The woman who invited you is your challenge buddy as well as the Put U First leaders present in the Facebook group. The challenge is about community support and anyone of the leaders is more than capable to assist you. 

Is there a cost?
There is an investment of your time – first – at your own pace of course. And there is a health product component investment from the health company we are aligned with that you must invest in to qualify for the 7-day Challenge. We took the wonder out of getting healthy.

SO….Ladies we are ASKING YOU…

Are you ready?

Here’s the truth – you will never think you have time… You will always find a reason to say NO…

But what if… Your said YES.

You may fail? Sure! But…What if YOU FLY…

The Put U First Challenge – May 2nd, 2021