If you are a woman, mom, sister or girlfriend, chances are someone has recommended that you “take some time for self-care.”

Maybe a friend has encouraged you to enjoy a “treat yo’ self” kind of day.

Maybe they’ve told you to take a bubble bath or get your nails done or maybe even download some kind of self-care app teach you how to schedule your self-care better.

At the heart of all this advice is the same operational principle: If you want to feel better, you need to do the work yourself, for yourself. In essence, you need to Put U First.

Put U First has changed my life and given me a purpose to finally understand the true meaning of self-worth and self-love. This community is my home and I’m so grateful to have connected with so many incredibly inspirational and powerful women. I’m grateful for the unconditional love, support and guidance I’ve received  to become the best version of me. I love Put U First!

~ Charley – England

Wow, it’s difficult to put into words how grateful I am for Put U First and how it’s changed my life. To be part of a global community of brave, courageous and beautiful women, who are all empowering and supporting one another is the most precious thing in the world to me. I am stronger, more confident and feel safer as a result of being part of the magic that is
Put U First!

~ Joanne – England

I’ve always had limiting beliefs that I don’t belong anywhere. Since joining Put U first this changed. Call after call, I felt the courage, love, and support from all the amazing women in the community. I started to shift my belief and my confidence started growing and the most incredible thing happened…I started to believe in myself. Thank you Put U First…
I love you all!

~ Maria – England

Join us every Sunday at 9:00am EST/2pm UK

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It’s just that easy! 

Have you ever felt such a sense of gratitude that your eyes genuinely fill with tears?
To be part of such an INCREDIBLE community of women and to just feel so helped, so supported and so empowered every single day, Put U First is the absolute
best thing for every woman
on the planet.

~ Steff – New Zealand

I have never felt as if I truly belonged in any ‘women’s’ community before Put U First. With this movement I know I belong and I’ve never felt more heard, seen or acknowledged in my life! I am very grateful to have these incredible women in my life! I can’t even believe how many global friendships I’ve developed within our exceptional community! If you haven’t taken a close look at Put U First yet, you are depriving yourself on so many levels. Every woman deserves this beautiful women’s movement!

Eszter, Canada

I have connected with the most diverse, positive and inspirational ladies in the Put U First community.  I am so grateful to be surrounded by women who support, inspire and encourage one another. 
It truly is a blessing.

~ Anne-Marie – USA

Self-Care Sunday

Put U First began because we weren’t putting ourselves first. All of us were so great at putting everyone else first…yet we had all forgotten about one very important person…US!

Maybe this is YOU! You’ve tried self-care in the past….but it never lasted! 
And maybe you’ve read every self-help book Amazon can deliver but you still get stuck! And maybe you just don’t know how to do it because doing it alone is hard…

Join Heidi Allen and the women of Put U First for our weekly Sunday Call.


Hear stories, learn how these women are putting themselves and first and join in the conversation. It’s an incredible call that will inspire, support and gift you some beautiful positivity to will feed your soul!


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The Put U First PODCAST!

Many women wear multiple hats (mom, wife, care-giver, friend and even career woman) & struggle to put themselves.

Mostly, because they don’t know how or feel they just don’t have the support to do so.

Each Sunday, join Heidi Allen, Put U First Founder and mentor, along with a global Put U First community of women to hear real-life vulnerable stories and learn insightful & powerful self-care tips.

Whether you want to learn more about how to put yourself first, or just want to hear some inspiring stories, this is the podcast for you.

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