Can you honestly admit you are putting yourself first?

Put U First began becasue we weren’t putting ourselves first. All of us were so great at putting everyone else first…yet we had all forgotten about one very important person…US! 

Maybe this is YOU! You’ve tried self-care in the past….but it never lasted!

And maybe you’ve read every self-help book Amazon can deliver but you still get stuck…

 And maybe you just don’t know how to do it because doing it alone is hard…


And you know what…WE felt the same way you do!

Then one decision changed everything…and Put U First was born! 

One Decision!

Hello, my name is Heidi Allen and almost a year ago I realized I hadn’t been putting myself first. Like many other women, I felt exhausted, over-worked and knew I was running on empty.

I Needed to make a change. I knew I needed to start making myself a priority in my own life…But I had no idea where to start…

Is this you? Can you relate? 

What if I told you, you dont have to feel like this anymore?

What if I told you, you don’t have to do this alone anymore?

What if I told you that one decision really can change your life! 


“You don’t have anything to give that you don’t have.

So you have to keep your self full. That’s your job!” ~Oprah Winfrey

Maybe you’re a woman who ISN’T putting herself first. Maybe you’re a woman who has always put everyone else first and now you feel lost, exhausted and unhappy.

Isn’t it time….

Isn’t it time for YOU to fill your cup up!

Isn’t it time for you to meet other like-minded women who are willing to empower you….support you, and cheer you on to become the success you’ve always dreamed of?

Just make one decision…one decision that could CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

All you have to do…is just say YES! 

Join us every Sunday at 9:00am EST/2pm UK

for our FREE Self-Care Sunday Call.

It’s just that easy! 

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Join Heidi Allen and some of the Put U First Leaders for Talk About It Tuesday! A weekly call held every Tuesday at 1pm EST/6pm UK. 

Hear stories, learn how these women are putting themselves first and join in the conversation. This is a pretty powerful call and interactive call. 

Every Tuesday 1pm EST/6pm UK 


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I love me
by Laurie Graham

Look in the mirror, what do you see?
A beautiful woman staring back at me?
A troubled woman with wrinkles?
Behold, Theres a woman with scars and wounds from stories untold.
She’s doing her best, and will do better in time,
With affirmations and self love and gratitude rhymes.
It’s been quite a journey, but she’s finally there
At last she is proud and she’s ready to share.
With support from her friends, she is now brave and true,
And she’s finally accepted she is first in that queue.
Her love for her self is now top of her list
Accepting her value and self worth no longer dismissed.
She stands proud
She stands strong
She knows now what it feels like to fit in and belong
And for now, she’s happy, ‘ no longer sad,
Her story she shared with her friends, she’s glad.