Meet the Local Leaders of Put U First

All our incredible global Put U Fist leaders are a part of Team Executive Network (TEN). Each of them have one mission and purpose…to inspire, motivate and support women within their community as well as world-wide. 


Each of them are determined to educate women to put themselves first  health wise by finding the amazing Isagenix products that will change their life. Community wise through TEN and Put U First and for some even financially who want to learn how to build a business through our mentorship programs. 


If you are someone who is ready to make a difference in your own life, and in turn impact and support other women around you, please feel free to join our Global Self-Care Sunday call or tune into one of our local country calls. 

Heidi Allen

It was just over a year ago I joined an incredible team called Team Executive Network (TEN). For me this was one of the first times I was truly putting myself first.

I had found a team and a community who supported, and inspired me. I was now aligned with a health and wellness company whose products were radically changing my life, as well as helping me build the financial abundance I was proud of. 

What began as simple call, to inspire and motivate each other, has now become the perfect platform in all of our lives. Put U First was born!

Learn more about Heidi Allen 

Jessica Barratt

I am Jessica Barratt, I live in Oxfordshire, UK.
I am a therapeutic social worker and a Life Difference Leader. I love mentoring women to achieve their ultimate selves, simply making a difference in their lives is my passion. Being part of Put U First has allowed me to do just that. Inspiring beautiful women and mothers to be the very best versions of themselves. I am able to be my very best version and share that. This community inspires with each waking day


Laurie Graham

I’m Laurie, from Fife in Scotland, mum to 2 grown up girls Rebecca and Chloe and wife to Iain, my absolute soul mate.  
I own a Holistic Therapies Practice where I have the official title of Transformational Holistic Therapist, also known as “Refurbisher and Upcycler of People”.  
I love my day job and its such an honour to see the difference it can make and it makes perfect sense to integrate these skills into the Put U First movement.

I cant wait to have you join one of our calls and hopefully even our team of amazing, brave, passionate women.