How do you speak to the people you love? 

I’m guessing you speak to your family and friends from a place of kindness and love. 

Yet, how do you speak to yourself? 

By that, I mean, what is the tone of your inner dialogue: the conversations we have with ourselves in the privacy of our own mind?

Are you calm, forgiving, and kind, or demanding, impatient and a little judgmental?

If you’re not too sure what healthy mind chatter sounds like, pay attention to any negative inner-chatter. Asking yourself, if you said the same thing and spoke the same way to a close friend, how would you expect them to react? Likewise, if they said the same thing to you, or spoke in that tone of voice, how would it make you feel? 

In such moments, and as you continue to catch yourself, you will see how the mind softens, how it lets go, and how it finds a new sense of calm and clarity in the most unlikely of places.

Take some time today to speak a little kinder to yourself. When you think about it…you deserve it 

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