Stories: Finding Your Wings

The stories are simple—yet powerful—vignettes of Heidi’s life that perfectly illustrate the magnitude of results when one chooses positivity. The beauty of these relatable snippets of real-life is the amplified way it resonates with everyday people. Whether it be having a meltdown in Costco or finding out your act of kindness saved a life, we can all pinpoint similar events in our own lives—and that is the magic of this book.

Readers will discover:

  • How to navigate your own stories to find key lessons in your life;
  • The steps Heidi took to understand her true purpose, and how you can find yours;
  • The profound lessons Heidi was able to learn from her kids, marriage and friends;
  • How to broaden your mind to be open to the signs & messages sent to us from the Universe;
  • How long-lost memories can reveal important answers and lessons

Andrew Writes: “I hope to be able to, some day, offer the kind of true real life guidance that you have shared in such an authentic way. To do that we have to pull that curtain back a bit, but you doing that has given me some new tools I didn’t know I needed.”

What are people saying?

Susan Hay, a broadcast journalist with Global News, Toronto, states,

Finding Your Wings is a fast, enjoyable read that will leave you thinking about the proverbial phrase ‘Is the glass half empty or half full?’ Each story provides teachable moments for those who dare to take risks despite their fears to find happiness.

What are people saying?

Author and psychotherapist, Victoria Lorient-Falbish says,

“Like the traveler in the Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist, in Stories: Finding Your Wings, Heidi is on a brave, adventure-filled expedition fraught with ‘right place at the right time’ moments that encapsulate her life! We get to witness her drive to live authentically, sometimes causing her great strife, yet heroically managing to repeatedly make courageous choices while spreading goodness like it’s fairy dust on sale at Costco!”